Personal Projects


SKYFAll Scene Recreation

Using the new Arnold render program within Maya I was challenged to recreate a scene composed by cinematographer Roger Deakins. Additionally I had to create a new mood  to transition into and add atmospheric fog. 

Pig Mug

Using the new Maya standard render program known as Arnold I created I was challenged to create a CGI clone of a real world object. I used multiple render passes and composited all the footage in Nuke to create this.


The LAV-25 light assault vehicle was fun challenge to model due to the various portions of both symmetry and asymmetry the vehicle has. Creating the background was an excellent exercise in understanding the incredible program known as Vue which allowed me to create such a convincing enviroment. 

Dungeon Dice

Pixar's Render Man is a powerful program that I had a blast experimenting with it's shading and lighting. This was a project I made as an homage to one of my favorite pass times Dungeons and Dragons. The dice in the scene have custom shaders that I wrote in OSL 

Tiger Park

Nuke is quickly becoming one of my favorite programs to do my compositing work in. This was a challenge to understand the complex yet powerful applications that Nuke provides for green screening and color correction.

Super Effects Work

This is a snippet from the film I worked on where I was the lead compositor for the VFX shots of the film. This was the scene in particular that I worked the most on and did the green screening in After Effects and used a clever trick of hiding a lamp in order to get convincing lighting on the girl's face. 

City Street Crab

With the power of Nuke the I was able to experiment with it's 3D tracking capabilities and its ability to integrate CG elements into 2D enviroments.

Whale Shark Simulation

This was a fun project where I got to experiment with forces, gravity, and particle clouds in order to create a crowd simulation within Maya.

Gear Brain

A creative project that demonstrates a simple but effective use of MEL coding in order to create the movement of various gears. This was also a fun exploration of simple shaders including glass, concrete, and metallic surfaces

Vine Generator

This was a collaboration between two other students where we set out to create a program in Python that created vines that would grow toward objects within a scene.