I originally wanted to make a scene that was a flooded street of downtown Savannah, and I eventually ditched this idea in favor of something I felt was more feasible. I wanted to go back to my first project in nuke I tried to do that used lava as the central concept. I decided to make a dark scene with a mysterious orb of lava over an ordinarily green landscape.

The key thing I wanted to improve upon here is the flat world I made in the previous project with the jungle as I couldn't do much camera movement without breaking the illusion. So I decided to do some deformation in the 3-D cards in Nuke. With more 3-D shapes I was able to make a more convincing world where I could employ a different camera movement and better enhance the illusion. 

One of the most challenging parts of this project was getting footage for the dripping lava. It took a combination of keying, footage stabilization, and much patience to achieve the desired effect I wanted but I was very proud of what I made.


Lava ShooterCliff SBM_2-2-13_-302 DeFr .jpg