Day and Night Project

Night Time Conversion

Original photo of London


The first significant step was the do a sky replacement of an overcasted night sky which allowed me to use match color to get the buildings close to matching the sky and later perfected it with the use of some color mixers. I then set out to use color mixers and some masking techniques to illuminate the windows. I followed up with a linear dodge paint job around the windows to make them appear to be glowing and interact with their environment. I then did the same to the walls near the edge of the dock and painted lights into the fixtures on the posts to make it feel warm and welcoming and appear as if those lights were illuminating the side walls. I then copied and wrapped the mask I made for the windows and flipped it so I could add some reflections into the water of the lights followed by a warm paint job to imply the warmer colors on the wall reflecting into the water.

Reference pictures

Here are some pictures I was able to take around Monty in order to obtain some good reference pictures for the project.