New Projects

Here is a preview of some of the new personal projects I’ve been working on to add to my demo reel. I really wanted to demonstrate my skills with CGI integration, background enhancements, tracker removals, and practical uses of Nuke’s Smart Vector functionality.

Demo Reel 2019

A showing of the best shots from the most notable projects I was a part of in both my professional and scholastic experiences at The Mill NY and SCAD

Demo Reel 2018

A collection of shots that demonstrate my best work with compositing from my time at SCAD.

Counting Sheep

For this project I was the VFX supervisor under the Director, Miles Nera. It was a short film about two kids dreaming of what their Mom does for a living as a police officer in a wacky superhero-esque comedy. I was responsible for organizing pipelines and workflows for my VFX team.